Steel Work

The Structural Steel Division was established in 2004 due in large part by our strict requirements of quality and an unyielding level of craftsmanship. The lumber framework for which defines our reputation is often intertwined with the elaborate structural steel erected throughout. Standing behind our craftsmanship often meant relying on the standards of others to match ours. In addition, the timelines on which we must coexist would often overlap and lend itself to delays if not coordinated properly. When singularly focused on the steel, a contractor may overlook plan discrepancies that directly affect framing and architectural requirements for the project. We soon began to realize that with the complexities brought forth by each unique project, we could ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction by proactively working the steel installation and framing as one. By combing the steel and the frame, we often head off potential problems and delays and typically work through viable solutions while maintaining project timelines. With an impressive fleet of equipment and welding expertise, we can handle projects of any size, scope, and complexity. From light and heavy steel frame projects to one of a kind steel fabrication, we have the ability and expertise to meet your needs. Challenge us with your project.

Pre-engineered Steel Building Erection

Beginning in 2010 Hastings Brothers expanded their Steel Installation Division into the erection of pre-engineered steel building. From large airplane hangars and equestrian arenas to garages and workshops, we can handle your project needs. We have the personnel and the equipment to handle projects of any size, scope, and budget. Please contact us for a free no obligation estimate.